Independent Voice      Provide an independent voice for the preaching and teaching of the traditional understanding of Scripture and the beliefs of the Church to Christians of all Anglican jurisdictions and of all Trinitarian denominations.

Not a Rival to Any Jurisdiction     We seek to provide teaching, preaching and writing that is not available from other sources on the Web and make them accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Publicly-supported     We are financially supported solely by public contributions and the purchase of our publications and are neither endorsed by nor financially supported by any Anglican or other jurisdiction.

Laity-focused      We produce videos, books and podcasts written for a lay audience and not the needs of clergy, bishops, scholars or seminarians.  Where technical language must be used, it is explained in everyday language.

Eastern Church Teaching in Western Church Language       Where Eastern Church teachings offer insight into Scripture and doctrine not commonly understood in the Westrn Church, we seek to explain it in comprehensible, everyday English of the 21st Century.

Art & Iconography      We seek to illuminate our videos and publications with historic art and iconography from the Western and Eastern Church traditions.

Teaching the Christian Faith       We teach the Christian Truth in the belief it is the only antidote to the reality of Evil in the world.

Rejection of Revisionist Interpretation      We accept the opinion of our Patron Saint, John Chrysostom, that it gains us nothing “if all men approve and the Lord be offended.”

3 thoughts on “Mission

  1. Thankful to our Lord that I have found your site! Though elder in age, I am a young Anglican. While a web site is no substitute for corporate gathering, because of physical problems I am a shut in and your site is like a cold drink of water on a hot Texas summer day.
    Dana Winchell


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