Featured Image (above): Detail, Christ and the Saints welcome the faithful to heaven, Byzantine mosaic, Triumphal Arch, Basilica of St. Praxedes, Rome, 9th C. © Can Stock Photo, Inc./fbxx

The Four Gospels

Episode One: Series Introduction

matthew-odox-sinaiGOSPEL OF ST. MATTHEW
Episode Two:  Introduction & Discussion of Themes:
Name of Jesus/Genealogy of Jesus (Part 1)
Episode Three: Genealogy of Jesus (Part 2)/ Fulfillment of Prophecy (Part 1)
Episode Four: Fulfillment of Prophecy (Part 2)
Episode Five: Fulfillment of Prophecy (Part 3)/Divine Origin of Jesus
Episode Six: Unique Content/Memorable Quotes

Illustration:  Byzantine icon, Monastery of St. Catherine, Sinai

mark_1657_emmanuel_tzanes-72dpiGOSPEL OF ST. MARK
Episode Seven: Introduction & Themes; Mark 1:1 to 1:20
Episode Eight:  First 9 of 18 Miracles: Power over Evil Spirits, Sickness
Episode Nine:  Next 6 Miracles: Power over Nature, Power over Speech & Sight
Episode Ten:  Final 3 Miracles: Power Over Death; Feeding of the Multitudes
Episode Eleven: The “Turning Point” Verse (10:45); Unique Quotations, Events, Details

Illustration:  Byzantine icon, Emmanuel Tzanes, 1697 A.D., Mark as Lion

luke-russian-orthodox-18th-cGOSPEL OF ST. LUKE
Episode 12:  Introduction
Episode 13: Annunciations (3); Birth of John the Baptist; First 2 of 4 songs
Episode 14:  Nativity of Jesus; last 2 of 4 songs; Prophecy of Anna
Episode 15:  Boyhood of Jesus; Baptism
Episode 16:  Luke’s Genealogy of Jesus; Three Temptations of Christ
Episode 17: First 3 Parables
Episode 18: Next 3 Parables
Episode 19: Next 3 Parables
Episode 20:  More Parables; Sending of the 70 (Part 1)
Episode 21: Sending of the 70 (Part 2); Unique Stories/Discourses
Episode 22: Unique Stories/Discourses (continued)
Episode 23: Moral Discourses; Parable of the Fig Tree
Episode 24: Healings on the Sabbath (2); Kingdom Lectures (2); Encounters with Zacchaeus and Herod Antipas
Episode 25: Prayer Habits of Jesus; Roles Played by Women

Illustration:  18th C. Russian Orthodox icon, Luke as Ox

john-mtathos-croppedGOSPEL OF ST. JOHN
Episode 26:  Introduction
Episode 27: John 1:1-18:  Origin, Nature, Divinity of Jesus
Episode 28:  John the Baptist-Jesus relationship; Nathanael’s question/Jesus’ answer (1:50. 51).
Episode 29: First “I Am” saying, Samaritan Woman at the Well
Episode 30: Next 2 “I Am” sayings
Episode 31: More “I Am” sayings; Theme of Light vs. Darkness
Episode 32:  More “I Am” sayings
Episode 33:  More “I Am” sayings, including “Before Abraham was, I Am” (8:58)
Episode 34: More “I Am” sayings
Episode 35: Three more “I Am”s
Episode 36: First of 7 “Signs” (Gr: Semeion)
Episode 37: 3 more Signs
Episode 38: 2 more Signs
Episode 39: Feedings of the 5,000; Unique Details & Events (Part 1)
Episode 40: Unique Details & Events (Part 2)
Episode 41: Unique Details & Events (Part 3); Relationship between Father and Son
Episode 42:  Four Unique Appearances of People (Peter, Judas, Nicodemus, Mary Magdalene)
Episode 43: Unique Details & Events (Part 4), including the New Commandment and Agony in the Garden
Episode 44: Jesus’ Concepts of Time; Assignment of Mary to John’s Care; Five Unique Events (Part 1)
Episode 45:  Five Unique Events (Part 2); John’s Summary; Summary remarks

Illustration:  Detail, St. John Receiving His Revelation, Byzantine Orthodox style icon, Mt. Athos, Greece.

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