This page hosts our new series of Podcast Homilies based on the Psalm readings appointed in the Lectionary in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. The companion book, The Prayer Book Psalter: Picture Book Edition (450 pages, full color, 214 illustrations from 820 A.D. to the 16th C.) is now available using Fr. Ron’s Author Central page, linked from the Virtual Bookstore section on the Welcome page.

First Sunday in Advent
Second Sunday in Advent
Third Sunday in Advent
Fourth Sunday in Advent
Christmas Day
First Sunday after Christmas Day
Second Sunday after Christmas Day
Epiphany (Day)
First Sunday after Epiphany
Second Sunday after Epiphany
Third Sunday after Epiphany
Fourth Sunday after Epiphany
Fifth Sunday after Epiphany
Sixth Sunday after Epiphany
Septuagesima Sunday
Sexagesima Sunday
Quinquagesima Sunday
First Sunday in Lent
Second Sunday in Lent
Third Sunday in Lent
Fourth Sunday in Lent
Fifth Sunday in Lent