Illustrations: Top: Apse Mosaic, Christ Pantokrator flanked (from left) by St. Luke, St. Paul, St. Peter, and St. Andrew, 1220 A.D. by artists from Venice, Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls, Rome.   © Can Stock Photo, Inc./neko92vl   |
Below:  Open Bible in Nave, Gibraltor Cathedral (Anglican), 1825-1832.  © Can Stock Photo, Inc./James63

Two Current Series

All videos are produced by the Anglican Internet Church.
Scripts are written with the lay person in mind, with a minimum of technical or liturgical language.  Enjoy them at your leisure on your laptop or other device.


New Testament: Gospels

Presented in 48 Episodes
Discussion of the Four Gospels
Illustrated with a wide array of historic art and icons


Presented in 28 Episodes
Illustrated with illuminated manuscripts and art from both the Eastern and Western Church traditions.  Companion book available (See Virtual Bookstore page).  Images from the Bamberg Apocalypse are copyrighted by Bamberg State Library, Bamberg, Germany.  Other images are Public Domain or, as noted, licensed from a royalty-free vendor.