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AIC Videos

Seasonal Videos and Christian Education Videos.

Bible Study Videos (two series) linked from the Bible Study page; .MP3 Podcast versions linked from Podcast Archive page.

Seasonal Videos


Episode One – First & Second Sunday in Advent

Episode Two – Third & Fourth Sunday in Advent


Music and Scripture readings based on a 12th C. service in celebration of the seven days before Christmas

December 18th – O Sapientia

December 19th – O Adonai

December 20th – O Radix Jesse

December 21st – O Clavis David

December 22nd – O Oriens

December 23rd – O Rex Gentium

December 24th – O Emmanuel



December 24th

Christmas-2018-Mini Title

Episode One

Episode Two


TwelveDays-Master Slides-2015.indd

Readings, images and daily theme word(s)

First Day – December 25th – Love

Second Day – December 26th – Forgiveness

Third Day – December 27th – Peace

Fourth Day – December 28th – Compassion

Fifth Day – December 29th – Obedience

Sixth Day – December 30th – Joy

Seventh Day – December 31st – Family

Eighth Day – January 1st – Church

Ninth Day – January 2nd – Angels

Tenth Day – January 3rd – Commandments

Eleventh Day – January 4th – Glorifying God

Twelfth Day – January 5th – Grace and Faith


 Episode One – Introduction

Episode Two-Epiphany Eve, Day & Epiphany

Episode Three-Epiphany 2 through 6


Episode One – Intro. & Septuagesima Sunday

Episode Two – Sexagesima, Quinquagesima & Shrove Tuesday


Episode One (through Ash Wednesday)

Episode Two (First through Fourth Sundays)

Episode Three (Passion & Palm Sundays, Holy Week)

In the Cross

Good Friday presentation with 117 slides and nearly four dozen illustrations from the 6th to the 19th C.

Part 1 – Opening Remarks, First to Fourth Word (32 min)

Part 2 – Fifth to Seventh Word, plus Closing Remarks (26 min)


Episode One – Easter Day

Episode Two – Easter Monday through Third Sunday after Easter

Episode Three – Fourth Sunday after Easter through Sunday after Ascension



Episode One-Part 1 (Trinity Season & Whitsunday)

Episode One-Part 2 (Monday & Tuesday in Whitsun Week; Music for Whitsuntide)

Episode Two – Trinity Sunday through Second Sunday after Trinity

Episode Three – Third, Fourth and Fifth Sundays after Trinity

Episode Four – Sixth through 8th Sundays after Trinity

Episode Five – Ninth through Eleventh Sundays after Trinity

Episode Six – Twelfth through Fifteenth Sundays after Trinity

Episode Seven – Sixteenth through Nineteenth Sundays after Trinity

Episode Eight – Twentieth through Twenty-third Sundays after Trinity

Episode Nine – Twenty-fourth Sunday through Sunday Next before Advent

Christian Education Videos


Episode One

Episode Two

 Summary History of the Church from Pentecost to Now (Part 1)

Episode Three

Summary History of the Church from Pentecost to Now (Part 2)

Episode Four

Three Cases Studies on regions where Christianity has declined.  Subjects are The Holy Land and North Africa (Part 1)

Episode Five

Three Pivotal Events in Asia Minor in 1071, 1204 and 1453 A.D., the consequences of which are still being felt in the 21st. C.

Episode Six – Te Deum Laudamus, Part 1

Episode Seven – Te Deum Laudamus, Parts 2 and 3


Dedicated to the sacred memory of the Saints

Illustrated with historical and spiritual art, some rarely seen.

First Series

The 1928 B.C.P. Saints

A word and picture portrait of each of the eighteen saints honored in the 1928 B.C.P.

Andrew – November 30th

Thomas – December 21st

Stephen – December 26th

John the Evangelist – December 27th

Paul – January 25th

Matthias – February 24th

Mark – April 25th

Philip and James – May 1st

Barnabas – June 11th

John the Baptist – June 24th

Peter – June 29th

James – July 25th

Bartholomew – August 24th

Matthew – September 21st

Luke – October 18th

Simon and Jude – October 28th


Second Series

Saints from the Eastern and Western Church Traditions
Many illustrations rarely seen in the Western Church

Clement of Alexandria – December 4th

John of Damascus – December 4th

Nicholas of Myra – December 6th

Ambrose of Milan – December 7th

William Laud – January 10th

Gregory of Nyssa – January 10th

Anthony of Egypt – January 17th

Gregory Nazianzen – January 25th

John Chrysostom (Jan 27)

John Chrysostom – Part 2

Cornelius the Centurion – February 4th

Simeon of Jerusalem – February 18th

Thomas Aquinas – March 8th

Gregory the Great – March 12th

John Climacus – March 30th

St. Athanasius – May 2nd

Basil of Caesarea – June 14th

Cyril & Methodius – July 7th

Joseph of Arimathea – July 25th

Augustine of Hippo – August 28th

Cyprian of Carthage – September 13th

Lancelot Andrewes – September 25th

Michael/Gabriel/Raphael – September 29th

Jerome of Jerusalem – September 30th

Francis of Assisi – October 4th

William Tynedale – Oct 6th

Vincent de Paul – Oct 6th

The English Martyrs (Cranmer, Ridley, Latimer) – October 16th

Leo the Great – November 10th

Clement of Rome – November 23rd

Catherine of Alexandria – November 25th


Phrase-by-phrase commentary on the model prayer given by Jesus to the world

Episode One

Episode Two

NiceneCreed-Master Slides2.indd

History, Scriptural origin and meaning of the Church’s most important creed, illustrated with art from the Western and Eastern Church

Episode One – History & Context

Episode Two – “I believe … Maker of Heaven & Earth”

Episode Three – “And of all things, visible and invisible”

Episode Four – “In one Lord Jesus Christ … being of one substance with the Father”

Episode Five – “By whom all things were made … suffered and was buried”

Episode Six – On the third day … kingdom shall have no end”

Episode Seven – “And I believe in the Holy Ghost … worshipped and glorified”

Episode Eight – “Who spake by the prophets … Amen”

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