Illustration:  detail from frontispiece, Revelation, in Bible of San Paulo fuori le Mura, 9th C.Revelation-Title-large.jpg

Verse-by-verse commentary, with illuminations from the 7th through the 11th century, including the Bamberg Apocalypse (1000-1020 A.D. during the reign of Holy Roman Emperor Otto III) and other historic art from the Western and Eastern Church traditions.  Image of John: detail, 11th C. fresco, St. John Dictating Revelation, Mt. Athos, Greece.

Great News!  All 28 Episodes in the Revised Version are now available.

All but Episode 28 in the 2021 A.D. Edition of this series are now available!  Episodes 28 will be available before the end of the week of 11/28.

We think you will enjoy the changes we’ve made to made the video more consistent in style with our other video series and also the increased number of illustrations from multiple versions of Revelation, plus the complete cross-references to Other AIC Resource (Books, Videos, Podcast) on topics mentioned in each episode.  With these changes the Video series will have a separate personality from the companion book, Revelation: an Idealist Interpretation, which is focused on the spectacular illuminations in the Bamberg Apocalpse manuscript.  In addition to material from the Bamberg manuscript viewers will find illuminations from the Apocalypse of Liebana, the Saint-Sever Beatus, the Huth Apocalypse, the Queen Mary Apocalypse, the Abingdon Apocalypse and a frontipiece to Revelation from the Bible of San Paulo fuori le mura (a part of which is visible in the masthead), as well as many other illustrations of people and places named in Revelation.

Podcast versions of all tweny-eight episodes (some of which are presented in two parts) should be available soon.

Episode 1:  Series Introduction (Part 1) –
Historical Background; 3 Schools of Interpretation
Episode 2:  Series Introduction (Part 2) – PrimerNumerology in Revelation
Episode 3:  Chapter 1:1-13a (One like the Son of Man)
Episode 4: Chapter 1:13b-20
Episode 5: Chapter 2:1-17 (Letters to Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos)
Episode 6: Chapter 2:18 to Chapter 3:6 (Letters to Thyatira and Sardis)
Episode 7: Chapter 3:7-13 (Letter to Philadelphia)
Episode 8: Chapter 3:14-22 (Letter to Laodicea)
Episode 9: Chapter 4 – Heavenly Throne – “Come up here”
Episode 10: Chapter 5 – Lamb Opens the Scroll
Episode 11: Chapter 6 – First 6 Seals
Episode 12: Chapter 7 – Sealing of God’s Servants
Episode 13: Chapter 8 – First 4 Trumpets
Episode 14: Chapter 9 – 5th & 6th Trumpets
Episode 15: Chapter 10 -Mighty Angel and Little Book
Episode 16:  Chapter 11 – Two Witnesses; 7th Trumpet
Episode 17: Chapter 12 – Woman, Child & Dragon
Episode 18: Chapter 13:1-10 – Beast with 7 Heads. 10 horns, Blasphemous Name (Pt. 1)
Episode 19:  Chapter 13:11-18 – Beast with 7 Heads… (Pt. 2)
Episode 20: Chapter 14 – Lamb and the 144 Thousand
Episode 21: Chapters 15 and 16 – 7 Angels, 7 Bowls
Episode 22: Chapter 17 – Harlot of Babylon and Her Beast
Episode 23: Chapter 18: Fall of Babylon
Episode 24: Chapter 19:1-10 – Marriage of the Lamb
Episode 25:  Chapter 19:11-21 – Defeat of the Beast and False Prophet
Episode 26: Part 1 – Chapter 20: Satan Bound
Episode 26: Part 2 – Chapter 20: Binding and Loosing of the Beast/Great White Throne vision
Episode 27: Chapter 21 – The New Jerusalem
Episode 28:  Part 1  Chapter 22:1-13 – The River of Life and the Tree of Life
Episode 28: Part 2 – Chapter 22:14-21 – The River of Life and the Tree of Life

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