aic-logo-feb2016Welcome.  Please take a look at the new material posted to this site for the A.D. 2018-2019 Church Year, including new video series for every season on the calendar and updated versions of our unique Bible Study series on the New Testament Gospels.  And there’s more to come later in A.D. 2019, with updated Podcast Homilies in production.

Newest episodes in our revised Bible Study Video Series

New Testament: Gospels – Episode Four – Gospel of St. Matthew – Pt. 3
New Testament: Gospels – Episode Five – Gospel of St. Matthew – Pt. 4
New Testament: Gospels – Episode Six – Gospel of St. Matthew – Pt. 5

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Podcasts  linked from the Podcast Archive page
Podcast Homilies linked from the Podcast Homilies page

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