New Testament – Episode 43 and Fourth Sunday After Easter

Yesterday I uploaded Episode Forty-three in the New Testament: Gospels and Epistles series on our You Tube channel, continuing the study of unique content in the Gospel of St. John.  The focus this time is on John’s report of Jesus’ encounter with the Sanhedrin Council and His withdrawal into the wilderness; the two announcements of the New Commandment and exposition of the meaning of Love (agapao); the lack of any commentary on the “agony in the Garden” reported in the Synoptics and the many topics discussed instead in Chapters 14-17; .  I start the discussion of Jesus’ use of words which involve concepts of Time, starting in this episode with “Hour” (from the Greek hora), using His commentary on being “lifted up” and references ot the “ruler of this world.”   Next time I will continue with other uses of words which can be translated as time with “in a little while” (Greek micron) and “time” (also from the Greek hora).   Watch the video on You Tube    Listen to the Podcast version

Revelation-Title-largeI am hopeful that I can finish discussion of St. John’s Gospel with Episode Forty-four.  If so, I will begin work on the next installment in the You Tube version of Revelation: An Idealist Interpretation.   I had produced it program as a live feed video on the UStream system a few years ago, but, owing to the extremely poor quality of the images I deleted the whole set when I stopped using UStream at the time the parish of St. Chrysostom closed down.   The new versions are based upon the old text, but include the much-broader catalogue of images which can be inserted into the iMovie format I now use.  I hope to get started during the month of May.  In order to stay within a 20-25 minute per episode format, there will have to be many more episodes with the iMovie format.

I also uploaded to the Podcast Homilies page at the AIC Web Site, the homily for Fourth Sunday After Easter, which includes a reading from the Epistle of James and more from the Gospel of St. John, Chapter 16.  For reasons which are not clear, the Gospel reading from John is the verses which come before the verses used for the Third Sunday After Easter.  I think treating them in order would have been better, but the BCP rules.    Listen to the Podcast Homily.

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