Book News & Other News

This month we move closer to completing the publication cycle of four unique books on the Gospels. The volume, on the Gospel of John,was the first to be completed,and is available in paperback and Kindle versions. The next book, on the Gospel of Luke, was published earlier this month. Volume Three, on the Gospel of Mark, should be available before the end of May. I am currently reviewing what I hope is the final proof copy. Volume Four, on the Gospel of Matthew, is currently about halfway through the process of being proofread. Once all four books are available, I will launch an advertising campaign via

Other projects currently underway include a repurposing and redesign of The War on Christianity video series, which now has a new title, ending with … and Your Best Defense Against It. Episode One through Episode Five are now complete and available online. The remaining episodes will be produced later in the year. The later episodes will focus on the virtues of liturgical worship generally, followed by specific lessons/examples. I will discuss the use of the canticles in Morning Prayer and the practice of sung Holy Communion and sung Litany.

After many discussions with other clergy, in which I received some excellent suggestions, I have begun work on producing an illustrated edition of The Acts of the Apostles. My research indicated that there is little to nothing in print that is similar in either design or content of the four Gospel books. In the coming months, I will preview the content of the book in this blog. Abp. Peter Robinson kindly suggested a possible subject for the cover, Further reseach resulted in the location of a 14th C. opening page; a 17th C. icon, a tempera on wood icon from the 2nd Qtr, 15th C. and an early 11th C. mosaic.

Finally, I’ve continued with the planned upgrading of the Podcast Homilies series, last updated in A.D. 2018. The work is about 70% complete and I hope to start recording during the coming summer.

As always, I thank you for your interest and support. Glory be to God for all things! Amen!