New Testament: Gospels-Episode Nineteen

After a short delay in production, Episode Nineteen in the revised editions of our Bible Study Video series, New Tesament: Gospels, is now online.  It runs just over 21 minutes, with a superb and very vivid early 11th C. illumination on the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus presented in 3 tiers.  The featured illustration, since I have used the Rich Man and Lazarus illumination in previous years, is a 16th C. restoration of much older fresco from Bulgaria.

Rich Man and Lazarus-Rila-PCA2
The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus  Fresco, Monastery of St. Ivan of Rila, nr. Sofia,
Bulgaria.  Started 927 A.D.; Destroyed by Moslems, early 15th C.; Rebuilt late 15th C. 
Perspective correction and other adjustments applied.  Photo by Apostoloff  Creative Commons CC-by-SA 3.0.

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I’ve been very busy completing the updating of the final episoses of the Gospel of  St. John.  Episode Forty-five should be complete by the end of the week or early next week.  It includes several illuminations I had not seen previously.

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New Testament Videos – Episode 18

Christ-in Majesty-Ms Royal 1 D X-Fol8v-BritLibr-PCA
Christ in Majesty.  Produced before 1220 A.D., Oxford, England.  Ms. Royal 1 D X, Folio 8v, British Library, London, England.  CCo license applies.

Episode Eighteen in the revised and expanded version of New Testament: Gospels is now available in video and podcast formats.  The episode is focused on the next three unique parable: the Lost Coin, the Lost Son (or Prodigal Son in the KJV) and the Unjust Steward.   This week’s favored graphic is a wonderful blue and red themed Christ in Majesty, which is the Western Church term for what the Eastern Church labels as Christ Pantokrator.  Christ is seated on a the throne of judgment within the traditional almond-shaped mandorla, which signifies the Glory of the Lord.  At each corner is a symbol of one of the Gospel authors.  It is an illumination in colored inks and gold on parchment from a Psalter made at Oxford in the 1st Qtr 13th C. A.D. but definitely before 1220 A.D.  I used perspective correction software on the original image.

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I am currently completing the revisions to Episode Forty-two in the same series.   Episode Forty-two is focused on Unique Details – People, including Peter, Nicodemus, Judas Iscariot and Mary Madgalene.  The final slides as yet unedited are those about Mary Magdalene.  I have the text but haven’t decided upon the right illustrations.

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Gospel of St. Luke – Episode 17

Christ-In Majesty-MS_Cotton_Galba_A_XVIII,_f._21r-Alt1-96dpi

Episode Seventeen in New Testament: Gospels is now available, a week later than expected owing to competing demands on my time.  The episode is focused on the first four of the Unique Parables in the Gospel of St, Luke, in order of appearance:  Good Samaritan, Rich Fool, Withered Fig Tree & Chief Seats.

This week’s featured illumination, used with the Parable of the Chief Seats, is Christ in Majesty, depicting Jesus seated on the throne of the New Jerusalem, surrounded by a chorus of virgins, martyrs and confessors, with the Greek symbols for Alpha and Omega and a Cross beside Him and a visible wound in His side.  It comes from the British Library’s Ms. Cotton Galba A XVIII, Folio 21v, in the Athelstan Psalter, made in or near Liege, Belgium, around 924 A.D. for the Bishop of Winchester and later given to the English king of Wessex, Athelstan.  The very large collection of manuscripts collected by Robert Cotton are only recently being digitized.

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I am currently working on the slides and text for Episode Forty-one, focused on Unique Details in the Gospel of St. John.  My timetable has been revised and I now hope to complete the remaining four episodes and add a new, final/summary episode before the end of the year.

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