2021 Upgrades to The Lives of the Saints Videos

Our celebration of the start of the AIC’s 2nd decade on the Web continues with the 2021 A.D. editions of The Lives of the Saints, First Series (16 episodes) and The Lives of the Saints, Second Series (31 Episodes). All the episodes of both series are now linked from the Digital Library page. The podcast versions will be linked from the Podcast Archive page during the period from 9/10 to 9/17. This is the first major rebuiling of the series that was originally begun in 2015 A.D. following my retirement from pulpit ministry. Producing these episodes took nearly two years. During that period I was learning more about how to turn my Tuesday night Holy Communion homilies into both video and podcast forms.

It was a learn-by-doing experience. Getting them on the air had the highest priority. And when they were done, there was always something else to do that had a higher priority than proof-reading and revising these earlier works. And there were certain technical difficulties. First, the original system for making the videos involved making a small deskt0p sound house constructed out of foam core board and egg-crate rubber foam sound deadening. Since I had to put my old Dell laptop inside the little desktop house so that I would read the script as I spoke caused, when combined with the chemicals in the foam, caused breathing issues. There were extraneous sounds, including aspirated breath, neighbor’s lawn mowers, cell phone rings and airplane noises that could not be filtered out.

What’s changed now is that the COVID scare led to more efficient recording devices for use in distance learning. A business friend of mine intrduced me to a new kind of headset made for home recording and broadcasting. The set covers both ears and includes a great directional microphone which shuts out nearly any sound beyond a few inches away. With this new set up, during the last six months I’ve listened to every episode, removing stumbles, mumbles, transposed dates and other errors. Corrections have been made in several ways. First, I have overwritten certain parts with, I hope, correct pronunciations and dates. I have also added certain explanatory material that was uncovered during the production of the four Gospel books and the illustrated verions of Acts. Further, the 2021 A.D. upgrade also includes cross-referencing, where appropriate, to Other AIC Resources on related or similar topics in print, video and audio formats. Additionally, I removed all references to our former site hosts for our videos and to social media sites which the AIC no longer uses. The cross-references, I hope, will help readers and listeners to follow up their interest in specific topics.

I hope listeners and viewers will be pleased with the result.