Lives of the Saints2-Episode 20-St. Augustine of Hippo

I’ve finished and uploaded to YouTube Episode Twenty in The Lives of the SaintsSecond Series.  Episode Twenty is focused on the life and contributions of St. Augustine of Hippo, so called in order to distinguish him from the later St. Augustine, Augustine of Canterbury.  St. Augustine is one of the half dozen most significant contributors to the doctrines of the Church Universal in the first five or six centuries A.D.   He is the most famous pupil of the great St. Ambrose of Milan, another formidable pulpit orator and Bishop of Milan.  For more on St. Ambrose, watch Episode Four in this series 

Augustine_LateranEpisode Twenty includes four images of the great saint, including the oldest known representation of him, a late 6th C. fresco in a chapel on the lower level of the Lateran Palace, Rome (left, public domain), and Jaime Huguet’s egg tempera on wood panel, The Consecration of St. Augustine, painted for the Spanish monarchy in 1462 A.D. and now in the Catalan National Museum of Art, Barcelona, Spain.  Another Huguet painting included in the episode is one of a collection of paintings of famous men in the Louvre Museum, Paris.  There is also an illuminated letter from an 13th or 14th C. edition of his The City of God printed in Avignon, France, from a collection in the Episcopal Museum, Vic, Spain. and a color photograph of his tomb in the Basilica San Pietro d’Oro (St. Peter of the Golden Ceiling), Pavia, Italy.  I tell the story of his wandering remains and how they ended up in Pavia (twice).

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The next episode in the Saints 2 series is focused on a lesser known but important figure in the early Church, St. Cyprian of Carthage, who is especially revered in the Eastern Church although his bishopric was in the jurisdiction of the Church at Rome.  Other saints in the final episodes in the series are the Blessed Lancelot Andrewes (Sep 25), Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael (Sep 29), Jerome of Jerusalem (Sep 30),  Francis of Assisi (Oct 4), Vincent De Paul (Oct 6), the English Martyrs (Oct 16), Blessed William Tynedale (Nov 6), Leo the Great (Nov 10), Clement of Rome (Nov 23), and, finally, the last episode in the series, Catherine of Alexandria (Nov 25).

I’ve begun work on the script and introductory video for a new series of 10-12 podcasts titled The War on Christianity.  In this new series I will discuss the ongoing war on two levels:  first, the physical threat (including bombings, mutilations and other terroristic events) and, second, the greater and more insidious threat which is being fought every day in the courts, legislatures, school rooms, and, regrettably, among the “leaders” of the modern Church, and in literature and virtually all artistic media.    In the series, I will present ideas on how individual Christians, acting at the personal and family level, can protect themselves in their daily lives. I will offer practical instruction on everything from understanding the doctrines of the Church (expressed in the Nicene Creed and the Apostles’ Creed and in the traditions handed down from the Apostles); suggestions for developing personal prayer habits; techniques for reducing the impact of the media’s overwhelmingly one-sided bias against religion (especially Christianity but not including Islam).  Only Episode One, the Introduction, will be available in video form.  The remainder will be exclusively in MP3 Podcast format and linked from a yet-to-be-created page on the AIC Web Site:

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