Projects Update for Quinquagesima Sunday

Just a few items of news for site followers.

First, The Prayer Book Psalter: Picture Book Edition is complete and available online. This is book anyone interested in the history of the Church should own. You will have in your hand historic art resources from 820 A.D. to the 16th C. Best effect in reading is achieved by placing the book on a broad, flat surface. This will allow full view of the remarkable illustations from the Stuttgart Psalter and four other Psalter or Prayer Books.

Second, Easter: The Resurrection of Our Lord in Scripture, Art & Christian Tradition will go out for proofreading this weekend. I am hopeful we can complete the review and make any changes in time to have the book ready before Easter Sunday.

Third, Angels in Scripture, Art & Chrisian Tradition – for which my working copy is called Angels the Book – is moving along slowly. I’ve been busy placing the text of each reference in Scripture to angel, angels, angels’, messenger and “man” plus the named angels, Gabriel, Raphael & Michael plus Uriel from the non-canonical 2nd Book of Enoch. There are hundreds of these. I’ve placed them, where possible, in context. There is no timetable for this project, which will give me time to find appropriate illustrations. The format will be similar to the Prayer Book and Easter books.

This week’s Podcast Homily for Morning Prayer – Psalter Series – for Quinquagesima Sunday in now online and accessible from both the welcome and Podcast Homilies-Morning Prayer pages. The readings for this week are Psalm 19 and Psalm 23. The illustration is a detail from the Bohun Psalter (3rd Qtr. 14th C., Ms.Egerton 3277, Folio 16, British Library, London, England), showing Goliath in the camp of the Philistines inside the capital letter C at the start of Psalm 19. The artists who produced the Bohun Psalter used the opening letters to take readers through the Old Testament histories. The illustration from Psalm 23 is a Christ figure from the Stuttgart Psalter.

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Glory be to God for all things! Amen!