Nicene Creed – Episode One

Now that I’ve finished putting together the AIC Bookstore catalogue, which now includes 12NiceneCreed-Open-72dpi publications (counting the St. Chrysostom Hymnal in 2 volumes), I’m able to turn my attention to work on the video series on The Nicene Creed. (For the full bookstore catalogue, visit our Virtual Bookstore:
The Nicene Creed series will provide the historical context for the calling of the Council of Nicea (325 A.D.), which was the first of the Seven Ecumenical Councils of the Church Universal. Continue reading “Nicene Creed – Episode One”

The St. Chrysostom Hymnal – 4th Edition

Hymnal-2016-cover.inddThe 4th edition of the St. Chrysostom Hymnal is almost ready for publication.   The preliminary design for the cover follows our new white on black color scheme and a quotation from St. Athanasius: “the act of singing effects harmony in the soul.”

This collection of 474 hymns, songs and canticles, all in the public domain, is offered as a supplement to the venerable Episcopal Hymnal (1940). Continue reading “The St. Chrysostom Hymnal – 4th Edition”