A Fortunate One

I was born seventy-four years ago to a middle class family in a small Virginia town with a long history of traditional values.  I was blessed with two living grandparents nearby and some education-oriented cousins who kept in touch.  Both my grandmother and my cousin encouraged me to read and to learn to think for myself.  I had good friends and we watched out for each other.  I’ll be seeing some of them this weekend for the reunion of my high school class of 1960. Continue reading “A Fortunate One”

Nicene Creed – Episode Six

Copyright Can Stock Photo, Inc./tupungato

Episode Six is the final episode of three on what the Nicene Creed declares concerning the Lord Jesus Christ.  It begins with “And on the third day” and goes through “kingdom shall have no end.”  Illustrations for the various statements/phrases, in order of use, are Christ Victor Over Death, bas relief, Stephandom, Vienna; Christ Resurrected, 6 panels of stained glass, 19th C., location unknown; The Ascension, Eastern Orthodox icon, Bulgaria, 16th C.;  Christ Enthroned, apse mosaic (I seriously altered the original photograph to correct perspective distortion), Basilica of St. Ambrose, Milan, 13th C.; Continue reading “Nicene Creed – Episode Six”

Nicene Creed – Episode Four

The Emperor Constantine and the Bishops of the Council of Nicea.  Early Byzantine icon.  Artist uknown.

IN working out the content for the Nicene Creed video series I ran into a problem with the length of the episodes.  The revised format shows up in Episode Four, released today as the first of three episodes focused on the Creed’s descriptions of Jesus Christ.  Here’s the plan for all three: Continue reading “Nicene Creed – Episode Four”