Good Friday – Encore Podcasts

Polish icon of the Crucifixion, 16th C.

My wife and I both are suffering from colds this last week.  In addition to coughing and sneezing, I sound like a sick bullfrog.  So there won’t be any new videos or podcasts this week.

I have taken this lull to delve into the AIC podcast and print archive.  I presented the entire text of In the Cross of Christ I Glory, which was a three-hour service commemorating Good Friday based upon the Seven Words plus music, in print form in Occasional Services for Anglican Worship, available from our Virtual Bookstore in both paperback and Kindle versions:

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Lives of the Saints – Episode Ten – John the Baptist

John-the-Baptist-Matthias Grunewald-Altarpiece-Small
Detail, Center Panel, Matthias Grunewald (1512-1516), Musee d’Unterlinden, Colmar, France.  Made for the Monastery of St. Anthony.

Episode Ten in The Lives of the Saints, First Series, the 1928 B.C.P. Saints, was uploaded to You Tube last night.  One of the longer episodes, just over 30 minutes, it offers images of and the spoken word of the man called the Last Prophet of the Old Testament and John the Forerunner. One of the illustrations is an oil on canvas work from the center panel of a multi-panel altarpiece created by Matthias Grunewald for the monastery of St. Anthony in the Alsace region of France in the early 16th C.  This huge altarpiece is now in a museum.

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Lives of the Saints – Episode 9 – St. Barnabas

Icon of apostle Apostolos Barnabas in Barnabas monastery near Salamis North Cyprus

This week The Lives of the Saints, First Series, turns to St. Barnabas, whose Feast Day/Holy Day in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer is June 11th.  St. Barnabas enters and leaves the New Testament in Acts of the Apostles.  Without St. Luke’s historical and spiritual-minded account in Acts, we would know nothing of the man from Cyprus who, with St. Paul, established what would become the See of Antioch, the second See of the Church Universal.    Watch the Video       Listen to the Podcast   Image copyright Alamy Stock Photo

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Lives of the Saints – Episode 8

James_the_Less_(Menologion_of_Basil_II)Two of the lesser known saints, St. Philip and St. James (the Less), are celebrated together on May 1st.  My purpose in producing the Lives of the Saints series is to bring the traditional saints to life in the modern, anti-religious, secular-dominated world of the early 21st Century.   Episode Eight is illustrated with two watercolor and charcoal drawings by James Tissot, from his Life of Christ series at the Brooklyn Museum; two statues from the Basilica of St. John Lateran, the Vatican, carved by two of Italy’s most celebrated artists in the early 18th Century; and a remarkable drawing of the death of St. James from the Menalogion of Basil II from the Vatican archives, based on the original work made in Constantinople around 1000 A.D.   According to tradition, St. James was beaten to death with a Fuller’s Rod.

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