New Videos in 2016 A.D.

In this Advent Season, when Christians prepare themselves for both the first and second/final coming of our Lord and Saviour, we should understand what the Christian Faith is about.   No matter what a certain unnamed politician says, Christianity is not a religion which includes “bedrock” teachings of all other religions.  It is the source of the Christian Truth found in the Gospel accounts of the divine origin, Incarnation, life, teachings, Crucifixion, Death on the Cross, Resurrection and promise of Life Everlasting in the divine Kingdom of the Father of the only-begotten Son of God.

I’ve been working on the preliminary plans for a new series of Seasonal Videos and a separate series of Teaching Videos which will be produced in A.D. 2016.   The first in the Seasonal Videos series is a two episode series on Epiphany.   Continue reading “New Videos in 2016 A.D.”