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This week I’ve prepared a video which gives viewers a short account of the founding of and mission of the Anglican Internet Church, plus a preview of the current 12-book catalog.   The theme of the show is embedded into the title graphic:  “tools for increasing your knowledge.”  There are 25 slides.  Running time is just over 26 minutes.  The video is available on our You Tube channel and also through a link on the Home page at our newly-redesigned Web Site.  The sound track is also available as a Podcast.

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Lives of the Saints – Second Series

The illustration is Christ Pantrokrator in the dome at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem. Photograph credit:  copyright Can Stock Photo, Inc./slavapolo.

I’ve resumed work on our newest video and podcast series, The Lives of the Saints Second Series.  The programs celebrate 35 Eastern and Western Church saints not given Holy Days in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.   Like the First Series, these programs grew out of a series of Tuesday evening homilies at my former parish.  These “pen portraits” of the saints were intended to help parishioners to a better, fuller understanding of both the lives and death of the saints and their influence on the development of the Church Universal over the generations.  The series is not just about the gory details of martyrdom but also the contributions of the saints to theology, music and liturgy.

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Nicene Creed – Episode Seven

The First Council of Constantinople, from a Byzantine Orthodox fresco at Stavropoleos Church, Bucharest, Romania, circa 1724 A.D. (with early 20th C. restoration from earthquake damage).

Episode Seven in The Nicene Creed is the first of two episodes focused on the final paragraph of the Creed.   The commentary covers from “And I believe in the Holy Ghost” through “worshipped and glorified.”  Episode running time is just over 25 minutes.

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