New AIC Bookstore Preview Videos

Two new videos are now available on the AIC Bookstore page (which is linked from the Virtual Bookstore page). The first is an 8:46 minute preview with an artful title page using Corkie Shibley’s photo of the whole Library of seventeen publications. To save time, each slide includes written details of the book being shown. In the case of the New Testament series, the Old Testament series and Paintings on Light, printed in the large format (8.5″ x 8.5″ with glossy cover and coated white inside pages), images from selected inside pages illustrate how historic Christian art has been integrated into the text and commentary. The video includes a musical opening and closing theme, Along the River, which we licensed from

The next phase in the bookstore’s development is an advertising campaign, also through, whose subsidiary KDP Publishing, actually prints and sells the books. I will share details with readers as the project is developed. Having Amazon/KDP doing all the selling means the AIC does not need to expend valuable resources filing monthly retail sales figures and making tax monthly tax deposits.

The first video was too big a file for the format of my Amazon Author Central page, so I made an iMovie “Trailer,” video with much of the same information. The Trailer format video runs just 1:34 minutes, with quick and lively glimpses of the books and transition text, and a musical theme made by iMovie. In addition to the link on the AIC Bookstore page, the video is linked from my Amazon Author Central page:

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As always, thanks for your interest and support.