Bible Study Videos – Episode 8

Episode Eight in the revised version of New Testament: Gospels is now available in Video and Podcast versions.  The episode is focused on the first nine of eighteen miracles described by St. Mark as demonstrating Divine Power over Evil Spirits/Demons and Sickness.   There are twice as many illustrations as in previous versions, many from sources only made available to the public in recent years.

Christ-Healing Man with Withered Hand-HitdaCodex-Alt1.jpgThe example is Christ Healing the Man with a Withered Hand from the Hitda Codex, a Gospel book commissioned by and named in honor of the Abbess of the convent at Meschede, Germany, after 1020 A.D., Hessische Landesbibliotek, Darmstadt, Germany.  Photoshop effects applied.  The document is in the artistic tradition of the Ottonian dynasty of Saxon kings, successors to Charlesmagne in the revived Holy Roman Empire in Western Europe.

Watch the Video.       Listen to the Podcast version.

Episode Nine, focused on six more miracles, three demonstrating Divine Power over Nature and threee demonstrating Divine Power over Speech and Sight, will be released next week.

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Bible Study Videos – Episode Seven

Mark-Writing-Reichenau-11thc-Walters Art Gallery
St. Mark Writing His Gospel, Reichenau Gospels, 11th C, Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, MD. Creative Commons (CC-o license).

Episode Seven in the revised AIC Bible Study Video series, New Testament: Gospels, was uploaded to our YouTube channel this morning.  It is the first of five episodes focused on the Gospel of St. Mark.  The remaining four will be uploaded later this month and in early July, with a target of one episode per week

The illustration is superb example of Church art of the late Ottonian period of the revived Holy Roman Empire in western Europe.  It was made at Reichenau Monastery, Reichenau Island, Lake Constance, Germany.  The winged lion at the top is a traditional symbol of St. Mark.

Episode Seven includes a brief historical introduction, with discussion of intended audience, language and major themes, beginning with Jesus as Servant.

These new versions include many new illustrations and more direct Scripture quotations, presented in the same style as the most recent AIC video series.  I have completed the script and slides up to Episode Twenty-four and am closing in on finishing Episode Twenty-five, the last focused on the Gospel of St. Luke.  With the revised Podcast Homilies series for the 2018-2019 A.D. Church Year I can focus on wrapping up the rest of the revisions for Episode Twenty-six through Episode Forty-five.

Watch Episode Seven.   Listen to Episode Seven.

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Revised Podcast Homilies for Trinity Season Now Complete

All the Podcast Homilies for Trinity Season, including Sunday next before Advent. are now available in their revised versions.  Each includes cross-reference to Other AIC Resources, including videos, podcastsand books, on the same words, topics and phrases.  All links to previous versions of the Podcast Homilies have been deleted.

Now that this year-long task is completed, I plan to return to work on the Bible Study video series, New Testament: Gospels.  Episodes on the Gospel of St. Matthew were uploaded earlier this year.  With luck, next week I will begin uploading the episodes on the Gospel of St. Mark.  Some are already available for uploading.  Others need editing of the voice track.  I am currently working on the script and slides for the final episode focused on the Gospel of St. Luke.  All links to previous versions are no longer available.  As of Episode Twenty-four, the number of slides in the series is more than double that of the previous version.  The additional slides include more actual Scriptural quotations and many more illustrations from the artistic tradition of the Church.  These revised versions will give viewers a glimpse of the latest historic art now available in the public domain.  Many of these from the 10th through the 16th C. have never been available to the non-scholar general public.  Many libraries are now very busy digitizing their collections.  I will be watching for additional material as it becomes available.  These great works of religious art have been added to our Internet presence as an aid to greater spiritual understanding of the content of Scripture.

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Next Four Revised Podcast Homilies for Trinity Season

After a one-week delay the next four revised Podcast Homilies for Fourteenth through Eighteenth Sundays after Trinity are now linked from the Podcast Homilies page.  The remaining revisions should be completed before 21 June.  Apologies to our regular viewers for the delay.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on revisions to the New Testament: Gospels video series and expect to begin uploading the episodes on the Gospel of St. Mark before the end of June 2019 A.D.

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