Saints2-Cornelius the Centurion

cornelius-petershouse-doreI have uploaded two new videos this week.  The first, Episode Ten, is Part Two of the celebration of the remarkable life of St. John Chrysostom, 4th-5th C. Bishop of Antioch, then Constantinople.  Episode Ten includes a reading of the Seven Nocturne Prayers which caused so much distress among the Constantinople clergy called to return for evening worship instead of sumptuous dinners!      In addition to the Nocturnes are four quotations from his writings.

Watch Episode 10               Listen to Episode 10

Episode Eleven celebrates the life of St. Cornelius the Centurion, whose Feast Day is Feb. 4th.  Little is known about him beyond the account in Acts 10.  The illustration is Cornelius in the House of St. Peter, an engraving by Gustav Dore’ from the popular 19th C. illustrated work, Dore’s English Bible, published around 1866 A.D.  The work is public domain courtesy of the high quality scan provided by

Watch Episode 11           Listen to Episode 11

Thanks for your interest and support.   The next Episode, celebrating St. Simeon of Jerusalem will appear on or before February 18th.

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