Folio 45, The Fall of Babylon, Bamberg Apocalypse, Bamberg State Library, 11th C.
The Fall of Babylon

Earlier today I completed and uploaded Revelation: An Idealist

Angel with Millstone
Angel with Millstone

Interpretation, Episode Twenty-three in both video and podcast versions.  The topic is Revelation, Chapter 18, the Fall of Babylon.  Illustrations from the Bamberg Apocalypse include Folio 45, the Fall of Babylon and Folio 46, Angel with Millstone.    Watch the Video on You Tube   Or Listen to the Podcast version.

Chapter 18 is the second of two chapters in Act III of the Divine Drama that is the second half of Revelation.  The chapter includes a litany of condemnation and graphic depiction of the manner and mode of punishment for the spiritual Babylon (Rome), including punishment doubled consistent with her transgression.  I explain the Greek meaning of the word from which “fornication” is derived and point out that it means not only harlotry but also idolatry.

I also completed and uploaded my Podcast Homily for Seventeenth Sunday After Trinity (Ephesians 4:1-6; Luke 14:1-11).    Listen to the Podcast Homily

I have now completed all the scripts and slides for the series and will be introducing them, one per week, until the final episode, Episode Twenty-eight, is uploaded.  I have started work on the book version, which I hope will be ready for Easter 2016 A.D.

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