Lives of the Saints – Episode Ten – John the Baptist

John-the-Baptist-Matthias Grunewald-Altarpiece-Small
Detail, Center Panel, Matthias Grunewald (1512-1516), Musee d’Unterlinden, Colmar, France.  Made for the Monastery of St. Anthony.

Episode Ten in The Lives of the Saints, First Series, the 1928 B.C.P. Saints, was uploaded to You Tube last night.  One of the longer episodes, just over 30 minutes, it offers images of and the spoken word of the man called the Last Prophet of the Old Testament and John the Forerunner. One of the illustrations is an oil on canvas work from the center panel of a multi-panel altarpiece created by Matthias Grunewald for the monastery of St. Anthony in the Alsace region of France in the early 16th C.  This huge altarpiece is now in a museum.

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I included the unique accounts of what John the Baptist said in the Gospels of St. Matthew, St. Luke and St. John and illustrate the episode with a detail from a 16th C. icon in the Russian Orthodox tradition, a late 19th C. mosaic from Jerusalem, and a 19th C. stained glass window in the Western Church tradition.

All the slides and the script for the remaining episodes in the First Series in The Lives of the Saints are now complete.  Sound tracks will be recorded and slides made later this Spring, with the whole series to be finished before June.   I have organized the Second Series, which will includes approximately 24 saints from the Anglican, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions, including a special reading of the Seven Nocturne prayers attributed to our Patron Saint, John Chrysostom.  The second series will be produced later in 2016.

Episode One, of two, in The Lord’s Prayer: Phrase-by-Phrase, is complete and ready to record.  In that series, I offer a general introduction to the Lord’s Prayer followed by a discussion of the “literary structure” of the Lord’s Prayer: the Introduction (with five phrases); the Petitions (six), and the Doxology, unique to St. Matthew’s version.

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