New Testament Videos – Episode 18

Christ-in Majesty-Ms Royal 1 D X-Fol8v-BritLibr-PCA
Christ in Majesty.  Produced before 1220 A.D., Oxford, England.  Ms. Royal 1 D X, Folio 8v, British Library, London, England.  CCo license applies.

Episode Eighteen in the revised and expanded version of New Testament: Gospels is now available in video and podcast formats.  The episode is focused on the next three unique parable: the Lost Coin, the Lost Son (or Prodigal Son in the KJV) and the Unjust Steward.   This week’s favored graphic is a wonderful blue and red themed Christ in Majesty, which is the Western Church term for what the Eastern Church labels as Christ Pantokrator.  Christ is seated on a the throne of judgment within the traditional almond-shaped mandorla, which signifies the Glory of the Lord.  At each corner is a symbol of one of the Gospel authors.  It is an illumination in colored inks and gold on parchment from a Psalter made at Oxford in the 1st Qtr 13th C. A.D. but definitely before 1220 A.D.  I used perspective correction software on the original image.

Watch the Video.      Listen to the Podcast

I am currently completing the revisions to Episode Forty-two in the same series.   Episode Forty-two is focused on Unique Details – People, including Peter, Nicodemus, Judas Iscariot and Mary Madgalene.  The final slides as yet unedited are those about Mary Magdalene.  I have the text but haven’t decided upon the right illustrations.

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May the Lord bless you in all that you do in His Name! Amen!  Glory be to God for all things! Amen!

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