The Twelve Days of Christmas

Owing to a family emergency, all twelve episodes in Reflections on the Twelve Days of Christmas for A.D. 2014-2015 are being made available today instead of one episode per day.  The theme picture is the Nativity window at St. Gertrude’s Church, Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden.  The window was designed by the famous stained glass artist F. X. Zettler.  F. X. Zettler was the son-in-law of Franz Mayer, whose firm launched what become known as the Munich Style of stained glass in the mid-19th Century.  Mayer of Munich designed the windows included in AIC Bookstore publication, Paintings on Light: the Stained Glass Windows of St. Joseph’s Villa Chapel.  (available at my author page at Amazon:>

copyright Can Stock Photo, Inc../jorisvo
copyright Can Stock Photo, Inc../jorisvo   

Zettler set up his own firm in the 1860s.  F. X. Zettler became part of Mayer of Munich again in 1939.  Both the Zettler and Mayer studios were known world-wide for the exceptional luminosity and attention to detail of their stained glass windows.  This one glows with soft white light around and from from the central figure, the Infant Jesus.  The halo for the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph are bright gold and stand out against the dark background, with a rural setting barely visible in the background.  Shepherds and domestic animals observe the scene on Christmas morning.

I hope you enjoy the collection of pictures of stained glass windows, icons, frescoes, ceramic tiles, statuary and mosaics that are used for this fourth edition our our annual Christmas series.

May God bless you and your family with a happy and joyful Christmas season.

I have also made Podcast (MP3) versions of all these programs, which are linked from the Podbean gadget on the Digital Library page at our web site:

First Day of Christmas (Love)
Second Day of Christmas (Forgiveness)
Third Day of Christmas (Peace)
Fourth Day of Christmas (Compassion)
Fifth Day of Christmas (Obedience)
Sixth Day of Christmas (Joy)
Seventh Day of Christmas (Family)
Eighth Day of Christmas (Church)
Ninth Day of Christmas (Angels)
Tenth Day of Christmas (Commandments)
Eleventh Day of Christmas (Glorifying God)
Twelfth Day of Christmas (Grace & Faith)

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