New Testament: Episode 40 and Third Sunday in Lent

Another week and another snow storm here in Richmond, leaving behind about 2 inches of sleet, snow and ice glaze on the ground.  I fervently hope this is the last one for the season!  I’ve got my garden suppliers catalogs on my desk and some plant material already ordered from BrentandBeckysBulbs in Gloucester County, VA.

Entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), 12th C. mosaic, Palermo Cathedral, Palermo, Sicily, Italy.
Entry into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), 12th C. mosaic, Palermo Cathedral, Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

Just this week I had a client and his wife in for a review meeting and the topics of staying busy and having the time and the combination of physical-mental-technology to make it possible to continue producing videos, books and podcasts.  As my wife puts it, it keep me out of trouble.

This week I completed Episode 40 in the New Testament: Gospels and Epistles series.  I finish up the discussion of the theme of Light vs Darkness and take up several more Unique Themes in St. John’s Gospel:  Good vs. Evil, True vs. False, Life vs. Death, and Heaven vs. Earth.  After that is Part 1 (of how many I won’t know I’m finished with the topics) in a discussion of Unique Details which St. John provides, beginning with 4 topics:  Jesus’ Emotions; Numerology; Use of “Jews” and Prophecy.  Once again this week I have used a picture from the Rohan Hours volume I just acquired for the AIC Library, plus a half dozen other works from both the Eastern and Western Church traditions.   Episode 41 will be focused on two Unique Details: the Relationship Between Father and Son and St. John’s unique references to Places and People, beginning with Samaria and Cana.  Watch Episode 40

I also published a Podcast Homily for Third Sunday in Lent.  I was unable to find a good illlustration of the content of the Gospel reading from St. Luke on Jesus’ expelling of the evil spirit from the mute man.  If you know of something, please let me know so I can put it in the library of illustrations for use next year.  I did use a 12th Century mosaic in the Byzantine style at the Cathedral in Palermo, Sicily, depicting Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem riding the colt side-saddle in the Eastern and kingly manner.

I finished production a limited number of 2-CD sets with all twelve of the movies for Reflections on the Twelve Days of Christmas.  You can watch these on You Tube, but if you’d like your own set, pls send a check for $26.00, which includes shipping and handling via USPS Priority Mail.  Make checks payable to Anglican Internet Church and send them to 7162 Soft Wind Lane, Mechanicsville, VA.  Later I plan to set these up on our web site so that people can use PayPal to place orders (for this collection, for the new Paintings on Light video, and the Great “O” Antiphons series.

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