Revelation – Episode 12 and Fourth Sunday After Trinity

Four Angels Hold Back the Four Winds of the Four Corners, The Bamburg Apocalypse, 1000-1020 A.D., Bamburg State Library.  Public domain.
Four Angels Hold Back the Four Winds of the Four Corners of the Earth, from Folio 17, The Bamberg Apocalypse, 1000-1020 A.D., Bamberg State Library. Public domain.

Episode Twelve, the newest episode in Revelation: An Idealist Interpretation was uploaded to our You Tube channel this morning.  It’s loaded with illustrations from The Bamberg Apocalypse, an illuminated manuscript made between 1000 and 1020 A.D. at the Scriptorium at Reichenau, Germany, under authorization by the Holy Roman Emperor Otto III.  The monks and scribes put St. John’s powerful images into print form in watercolor and gold leaf on vellum.

I’ve used Photoshop to make certain adjustments to partially correct for the distortions caused by the way the book was held open for the camera.

The subject of Episode Twelve is Chapter 7, which forms an “Interlude” in the narrative of the opening of the Seven Seals begun in Chapter 6 and resumed in Chapter 8.  The chapter is full of the numerology for which St. John’s writing is famous.   Among the subject matter is St. John’s account of the four angels who hold back the four winds at the four corners of the earth; the sealing of 12 thousand each from the 12 tribes of Israel; the total of those sealed as 144,000 (the result of 12,000 times 12,000); the seven attributes of God in the Doxology (Rev. 7:12), which are presented in two groups of three (“blessing and glory and wisdom”) and four (thanksgiving and honor and power and might).  I use St. John’s own work to illustrate the meaning of his reference to “living water” in the final verse (Rev. 7:17) using his Gospel account of the encounter of Jesus with the Samaritan Woman at the Well of Jacob (John 4:7-14), called St. Photina in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions.  The illustration is a 12th Century mosaic on the same topic at Ravenna, Italy, which I used in the blog post for one of the Episodes in the New Testament series.    Watch Episode Twelve

The next episode, Episode Thirteen, is nearly finished and will be released during the week of June 29th.  The subject is Chapter 8, the sounding of the Fifth and Sixth Trumpets.  It will include more illustrations from The Bamberg Apocalypse.

Last night I uploaded the Podcast Homily for Fourth Sunday After Trinity, which is focused on Romans 8:18-23, with two verses added for clarity and context, and Luke 6:36-42, the lesson on judgment and forgiveness, which includes Jesus’ refernce/question regarding the blind leading the blind.  My focus is on the dual nature of the subject matter:  first, a lesson on forgiveness for the general audience listening in the 1st Century; and, on a second level, instruction for the Disciples particularly, and by extension the Church, especially the clergy, on forgiveness and Christian virtue applied in daily life.  Listen to the Podcast Homily.

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