Revelation – Episode 27 and Twenty-first Sunday After Trinity

New Jerusalem, Folio 55, Bamberg Apocalypse, early 11th C.  Bamberg State Library, Bamberg, Germany
New Jerusalem, Folio 55, Bamberg Apocalypse, early 11th C. Bamberg State Library, Bamberg, Germany

I can hardly believe I have come to the end of the video series on Revelation, with the final production of both Episodes Twenty-seven and Twenty-eight.  Episode Twenty-seven, focused on Chapter 21, the New Jerusalem, has been uploaded to the AIC’s You Tube channel.  This may be the best video so far in the series, since  it contains interpretation that, I hope, helps readers link together the many strands/threads/themes which St. John built in Revelation in the earlier chapters.  Chapter 21 has more obvious numerology than any other in his description of the new Holy City.  The illustration from the Bamberg Apocalypse is more spiritual and less representational than the form found in Western Church art of later centuries, although it does display the walls with three gates on each side and the Lamb, who is its Light, at the center.    Watch the Video  OR  Listen to the Podcast

The series will finish with a very long video for Episode Twenty-eight, focused on Chapter 22 and a summary of the course.   Episode Twenty-eight will be available in both video and podcast versions during the week of October 26th.
REV-CS-Cover.inddI have changed the format for the book version of Revelation: An Idealist Interpretation to a nearly square page format, which allows for larger illustrations and better correlation with the text and commentary.   A revised version of the cover is at left.  In the final version there may be as many as four images included on the cover.  Another innovation is the inclusion of topical text boxes throughout the book.  These are intended to help reduce duplication within the commentary.  Topics, as of 10/19/2015, are Angels in Revelation; A Guide to Reading Revelation; Amen in Revelation; I AM (Gr: ego eimi) in Revelation.  Other topics will be added as I work my way through the production of the whole book during the next three months.

My Podcast Homily for Twenty-first Sunday After Trinity (Ephesians 6:10-20; John 4:46-54) is also available from the Podcast Homilies page at the AIC web site. This brings me to within four podcasts (T-22, 23, 24 and Sunday Next Before Advent) of completing the set of all the regular order Sundays in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.   Once the series is finished, I will start producing two new series:  The Lord’s Prayer and The Nicene Creed, both of which formerly were available as streaming videos on our old UStream channel which is no longer active.    Listen to the Podcast Homily

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