St. Chrysostom Hymnal – Vol. 2

Hymnal-Cover-Vol2It’s mid-June and, because of two technical issues (file size and number of pages), I’ve had to revise the 4th Edition of the St. Chrysostom Hymnal, splitting it into two volumes.  The change will make handling the volumes more convenient for users.  A 500+ pages paperback book would have been a little awkward to handle.

Proof copies of both volumes were shipped yesterday, with delivery expected early next week. The electronic proof text looked good, but I decided that I wanted to see the actual books (especially the placement of the text on the cover, especially the spine) before authorizing publication.  As soon as production is authorized I will contract for conversion of the books into Kindle editions.  The Kindle conversion can take up to two weeks.

Volume One includes Hymns 1 through 739, which is the same spread as the 1940 Hymnal.  Volume One runs 370 pages, including the Introduction, Table of Contents (for both volumes), the Hymns, the two extra pages explaining the Canticles and the Doxologies, a complete set of indexes covering both volumes, plus information about the AIC and other AIC Bookstore publications.  Hymns are indexed by Season, Topic, Purpose, Tune, Meter and Common Titles, plus an alphabetical list of authors, composers, translators and sources.

Volume Two, which includes Hymns 740 through 1001, runs 220 pages, including  the complete Introduction, Table of Contents, all the Indexes, and the information about other AIC Bookstore publications.  Volume Two is organized into Hymns to the Holy Trinity (740-750); the Father (775-795); the Son (800 to  834); the Holy Spirit (835-846); Opening Hymns (850-864); Closing Hymns (940-948); plus Hymns to the Church (875-903) and Hymns of Praise (920-932).  The gaps in the numbering allow additional hymns to be added in later editions without changing the organization and numbering of hymns.

In other news, I’ve resumed work on the video series on the Nicene Creed and expect to produce Episode One this weekend, with final uploading early next week.  The first episode includes a summary description of the principal heresies facing the early Church, the historical background of the Council of Nicea (325 A.D.), including who called it and why, who was present, and a map showing Nicea in relationship to Constantinople and to the larger city of Nicomedia, where the local bishop presided, the Straits of the Bosporus and portions of modern day Greece and Bulgaria.

As always, thanks for your interest and support.  May God bless you in all that you do in His Name.  Amen!  Glory be to God for all things!  Amen!


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Fr. Shibley is a retired Anglican clergyman who produces unique videos, podcasts and books explaining traditional Christian theology from an Anglican perspective. All materials are in layman's language with a minimum of technical or theological terms. All are available either free or at reasonable cost. The AIC Bookstore now includes 17 publications.

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