Saints 2 – St. Anthony of Egypt

St. Anthony of Egypt, from Visitations with Saints Nicholas and Anthony, circa 1480 A.D., National Gallery, Washington, D.C.

Episode Seven in The Lives of the SaintsSecond Series is focused on the life of the first Christian monastic, St. Anthony of Egypt, whose Feast Day is Jan. 17th.   Curiously, the same printing house which produces all the AIC Bookstore Publications for us,, a division of Amazon, recently published a paperback edition of St. Athanasius’ biography of Anthony, The Life of St. Anthony.   Readers will notice that I have used the modern, Western Church spelling “Anthony.”

The episode includes a Coptic icon, probably from around the 9th C. of St. Anthony and St. Paul the Hermit, two 16th C. paintings of the Temptation of Anthony, a 17th C. painting of St. Anthony and the Blessed Virgin Mary, a modern photograph of the Monastery of St. Anthony, and the 15th C. oil on panel by Piero di Cosimo, which is on exhibit at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

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The next episode in the series, to be posted on or before January 25th, celebrates the life and contributions to the Church of St. Gregory Nazianzen (also called Gregory Nazianzus), one of the most important contributors to the Christian understanding of the Holy Trinity.

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