Cyprian of Carthage/Lancelot Andrewes

Two new episodes are now available on our You Tube channel.  Episode Twenty-one celebrates the life of Cyprian of Carthage, whose Feast Day is September 13th.  I wrote about St. Cyprian in the previous blog post.  I’ve fixed the You Tube link so it should be available as of this morning.    Watch the video.   Listen to the Podcast

Lancelot_Andrewes_(Stained_glass,_Chester_Cathedral).jpgEpisode Twenty-two, also published today, celebrates the life and contributions of one of the greatest of the 16th-17th Anglican divines, the Blessed Lancelot Andrewes, whose Feast Day is September 25th.  Andrewes is one of my personal favorites.  I suspect that he was one of those rumored to have desired placing the Church of England under the jurisdiction of the Patriarch/Archbishop of Constantinople.    The illustration is a memorial window in the Cloister at Chester Cathedral, Chester, England.  The picture is public domain through Wikipedia Commons.  I applied perspective correction using Photoshop to the original file.

Watch the Video

Listen to the Podcast

Andrewes is little-known outside the world’s small circle of Anglicans interested in the history of the Church.  He was a remarkable man in many respects.  He could speak and write in the ancient languages of the Holy Land:  Aramaic, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, and Syriac.  He served on the committee which supervised the production of the Histories in the Hebrew Old Testament.  He was Chaplain to both Queen Elizabeth I and King James I.  During his lifetime he wrote a series of devotions, commonly called catenae, which are prayers based on Scriptural verses.  His placed a restriction that this collection could not be published until after his death, I suspect it was out of a desire not to introduce another potential form of worship into an already troubled Church environment that was not too far relieved from the memory of the terror of Bloody Mary and the death of the three Oxford Martyrs, Latimer, Ridley and Cranmer (the subject of Episode Twenty-three in this series.  I wrote about him in Christian Spirituality: An Anglican Perspective


I’ve finished both the slides and script for the next several episodes in the Saints2 series, including No. 23-Gabriel, Michael and Raphael; No. 24-Jerome of Jerusalem; No. 25-Francis of Assisi; No. 26-Vincent De Paul and am currently completing No. 27-The English Martyrs (mentioned above).

In book news, the Kindle version of The Writing Prophets of the Old Testament should be available on or before September 22nd.  I’m awaiting the final proof of the file around the 18th of the month.   Until two weeks ago, I had not been aware that it was not already converted and available.

As always, thanks to viewers for your interest in this internet ministry.  Book sales and contributions are our only sources of financial support.

May God bless you in all that you do in His Name!  Amen.  Glory be to God for all things!  Amen!

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