Jerome of Jerusalem

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The entire Second Series of The Lives of the Saints is drawing closer to its final episode.  Early on Thursday, Sep 21, I uploaded Episode Twenty-four, focused on St. Jerome of Jerusalem, whose Feast Day is Sep 30.

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It was difficult to find good illustrations for St. Jerome.  Nearly everything, including the photographs of statues, is from the artistic traditions of the Western Church.  Most of these tend to show historical figures like St. Jerome dressed in papal outfits that did not exist until well into the 2nd millennium.   For this episode I used a public domain work, a circa 1480 A.D. fresco from Chiesa Ognissanti (Church of All Saints), Venice, by Italian artist Domenico Ghirlandaio, from which I extracted the detail shown at above left.

St. Jerome is nearly always depicted in a scholarly setting.  In this case, he is seated, looking straight at the viewer, working, pen in hand, at his writing desk.  Among the interesting details are his glasses, set aside for the occasion, scissors, a Bible manuscript, and, on the shelf above his head a Cardinal’s hat.  The position of Cardinal was not actually created in the Roman Church until the 13th C., just a hundred years before the fresco was completed.   Alas, artistic license at work.  The rendering is vivid, clear in its detail.  So clear that I think it suggests a St Jerome annoyed at the interruption to his work.

As always, I don’t comment on the relative value of each saint’s work, in this case St. Jerome’s primary accomplishment, the Vulgate Bible.  Viewers will get the opportunity to learn about an alternative version in Episode Twenty-six, which celebrates the work of the Blessed William Tynedale, who produced a quite different version of the New Testament in 1524, 1525 and 1534 A.D., and for his effort was garroted, then burned at the stake, in 1536 A.D.  Tynedale’s Feast Day is Oct 6.  That episode is complete and ready for uploading.

All remaining episodes in the series are finished.  Episodes Twenty-five (St. Francis of Assisi) and Twenty-six (Blessed William Tynedale) have been recorded and transferred to my Mac, ready for uploading to You Tube..  Episodes Twenty-seven through Episode Thirty-one (St. Vincent de Paul, The English Martyrs (Latimer, Ridley & Cranmer), St. Leo the Great, St. Clement of Rome, & St. Catherine of Alexandria, respectively) are finished and need only the voice and music track and correlation of voice to picture.  I expect to get two of those five recorded later this today.

Two projects like ahead.  First, The War on Christianity, with Episode Two scheduled for completion following the wrap-up of The Lives of the Saints.  Second, development of a marketing plan using Google, Facebook and Amazon resources to increase public exposure to the AIC Bookstore.  You might be seeing something of it sooner than you think when you search the Web.

As always, thank you for your support and your interest in this Internet-based ministry.  May the Lord bless you in all that you do in his name.

Glory be to God for all things!  Amen!


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