The English Martyrs: Latimer, Ridley & Cranmer – Oct. 16th

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I’ve gotten ahead on the production schedule and have now uploaded Episode Twenty-eight in The Lives of the Saints – Second Series, which honors the English Martyrs who were burned at the stake.  They are also widely known as The Oxford Martyrs, owing to the plain fact that they were tried, convicted and executed at Oxford in 1555 A.D. (Latimer and Ridley, with Cranmer forced to watch) and 1556 A.D.(Cranmer’s death).

The illustration is a recent professional-quality photograph by Jeremy West of the Martyrs Memorial at the intersection of St. Giles, Magdalen and Beaumont near Balliol College.  The monument was designed by George Gilbert Scott and was completed in 1843 A.D.  The steady deterioration of the monument was brought to an end by a refurbishing in 2003 A.D.

Latimer-Hugh-B4Council-Color-1887The episode features a short introduction placing the events in the historical context of the history of the Church of England from the 1620s through the accession of Elizabeth, with one picture each of Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I.  After that is a brief biography of Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley, and Thomas Cranmer.  The very popular work, commonly called John Foxe’s Book of Martyrs but officially titled Acts and Monuments, is the source for many of the illustrations of the trial and executions.  I’ve left the gruesome details out of this Blog entry, instead posting the attached colorized illustration by Joseph Martin Kronheim of Plate V, Latimer Before the Council, taken from an 1887 A.D. edition of Foxe’s famous work

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The three remaining episodes are finished and ready to upload to YouTube prior to the Feasts of Leo the Great (Nov. 10), Clement of Rome (Nov. 23) and Catherine of Alexandria (Nov. 29).

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