Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 5 – Dec. 29th – OBEDIENCE

TwelveDays-Slide54For this the Fifth Day of Christmas, Dec. 29th, the key word is OBEDIENCE.  The musical introduction is Cecil Francis Alexander’s carol for children, Once in Royal David’s City, written in 1848 A.D.  For this video the tune is Unser Herrscher.  Obedience means following the will of God, as both the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph did in the Nativity accounts in the Gospels.

Watch the video.   Listen to the Podcast version.

Tomorrow, Dec. 30th, the Sixth Day of Christmas, the key word is joy.

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Anglican Internet Church

Fr. Shibley retired from pulpit ministry at Epiphany A.D. 2014. Since then he has devoted his spare time to this online ministry producing videos, podcasts and books explaining traditional Christian theology and liturgy in layman's language with a minimum of technical or theological terms, and making them available either free or at reasonable cost.

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