Next Week: Trinitytide Series Begins

Next week I expect to post Episode One in the newest AIC Seasonal Video series, Trinitytide: The Teaching Season.  I have completed the script and slides.  There will be 20 illustrations, 15 of them of the first Pentecost.  The oldest dates to 586 A.D.; then a selection from the 9th C. and another from the early 11th C.  The “new” one is a fresco in Israel from the late 19th C.-early 20th C.    There is also a selection of seasonal music for Whitsuntid from The St. Chrysostom Hymnal.

For the sake of clarity of focus, I’ve included Whitsunday, or Pentecost to nearly everyone but Anglicans, in the opening episode.  The decision was based upon a desire to accommodate viewers from other denominations and make it clearer to them, and to Anglicans, how to adjust the labelling to the post-Vatican II system of celebrating Pentecost and virtually abandoning the centuries-old celebration of Trinity Sunday and the following season.  Western Christians have been celebrating Trinity since about the time of the Holy Roman Emperor Charlesmagne in Western Europe.

The pictures are, in my opinion, stunning and inspiring, both in the choice of detail in content and in the artistic and spiritual aspects of the style.  With the little research on my part I was able to have a better understanding of the intent of the Byzantine Church in its choice of both how and what to include.  Join me next week for a fuller explanation and links to the episode.

As always, thank you for your interest in and support for this Internet-based ministry.  May God continue to bless you in all that you do in His glorious Name!  Amen.  Glory be to God for all things! Amen!

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Fr. Shibley is a retired Anglican clergyman who produces unique videos, podcasts and books explaining traditional Christian theology from an Anglican perspective. All materials are in layman's language with a minimum of technical or theological terms. All are available either free or at reasonable cost. The AIC Bookstore now includes 17 publications.

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