Lessons & Carols for Christmas Eve

Lessons and Carols-2018-Slide2A new 2018 A.D/ edition of the AIC Seasonal Video Lessons & Carols for Christmas Eve is nearing completion.   It will have it a new look, one consistent with the style of all our other Seasonal Video series which were revised and improved earlier this year.  I’ve also added historic art from the greatly-expanded AIC archive.   The sound track will be recorded on November 1st, with the congregation at Holy Cross Anglican, Midlothian, Va providing the voice responses to the opening verses, The Christmas Eve Antiphons, I used each Christmas Eve at my former parish.  Here’s the complete text:

Today shall ye know that the Lord will come and deliver you.
And in the morning, then ye shall see the glory of the Lord.
Tomorrow the iniquity of the earth shall be done away.
And the Saviour of the world shall reign over us.
The Lord cometh; go ye out to meet him, and say ye: Great is his dominion, and of his kingdom there shall be no ending.
The mighty God, the Ruler, the Prince of Peace.
Minister & People: Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia

For the other series I have been working on, Christmas: the Nativity of Our Lord (two episodes) and The Great “O” Antiphons (seven episodes) the scripts and slides are complete.  My plan is to record both episodes of the Christmas program during the week of October 1st.  On the same November evening as the Christmas Eve Antiphons are recorded, the good people of Holy Cross Anglican are also going to participate in the recording to their responses each each of the seven antiphons for The Great “O” Antiphons.  Without any unexpected technical or other issues, I anticipate the recording stage to be complete during the first full week of November, with the production of the finished video the following week.

As always, thank you for your interest in and support of this Internet-based ministry.

May God bless you in all that you do in His Name! Amen!  Glory be to God for all things! Amen!

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Anglican Internet Church

Fr. Shibley is a retired Anglican clergyman who produces unique videos, podcasts and books explaining traditional Christian theology from an Anglican perspective. All materials are in layman's language with a minimum of technical or theological terms. All are available either free or at reasonable cost. The AIC Bookstore now includes 17 publications.

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