An Announcement

The AIC Christian Education Video series, The War on Christianity, is being reconfigured as part of our celebration of the start of the AIC’s second decade on the Web. It not only gets a new title but also enhanced content, including many new images, and a new purpose. The series will become a more important component of the AIC’s commitment to teaching traditional Christianity. The entire series is getting a new voice track and a facelift, with the design consistent with the other updates to our Seasonal, Bible Study and other Christian Education series. Episodes will continue to be linked from the Digital Library page.

Episode One remains a general introduction to the threat, with data and examples from the news updated to early A.D. 2021, plus an illustrated update on what the AIC has been doing on the Web since the series began in A.D. 2017. Episode Two and Episode Three remain focused on “A Summary History of the Church from Pentecost until Now,” which is intended to help viewers put the new threat into historical context. Episode Four and Episode Five continue to be focused upon three case studies of the decline of the Church in parts of the world where it was once the dominant religion: the Holy Land, North Africa and Asia Minor.

Episode Six will be the first episode with entirely new content focused on the importance of traditional worship tied to the Anglican Church Calendar and the liturgies in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer (American Edition, as amended in 1943). Topics to be discussed in later episodes, beginning with Episode Seven, include a broad exploration of the best uses of the canticles in the 1928 B.C.P. plus liturgical techniques, particularly the Anglican style of sung Holy Communion and sung Litany and the Creeds of the Church. Taken together, and, hopefully, internalized in the hearts and minds of the faithful, these traditional forms of worship are the best possible defense against the secular world’s War on Christianity.

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Anglican Internet Church

Fr. Shibley is a retired Anglican clergyman who produces unique videos, podcasts and books explaining traditional Christian theology from an Anglican perspective. All materials are in layman's language with a minimum of technical or theological terms. All are available either free or at reasonable cost. The AIC Bookstore now includes 17 publications.

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