Podcast Homily-Fifth Sunday in Lent – Morning Prayer Series

Greetings! Earlier this morning I uploaded the Podcast Homily for Fifth Sunday in Lent in our new Psalter Series. The Psalm reading for Fifth Sunday in Lent (Passion Sunday) is Psalm 51 (Vulgate Psalm 50), David’s earnest confession of his sins. The illustration for this episode is a page from the Psalter of Henry VIII, produced circa 1540 but possibly a decade earlier. It is Ms. Royal 2 A xVI, Folio 61v, British Library, London, England. The text is in a Carolingian-style of lettering with upper and lower case letters made popular by Alcuin of York, spiriual advisor to the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne (Carolus Magnus). The enlarged capital M marks the start of Psalm 51.

In other news, the AIC Bookstore’s newest publication, Easter: The Resurrection of Our Lord in Scripture, Art & Christian Tradition has been released and is available through my Amazon Author Central page (use the link at the bottom of the Welcome page. Work continues on the next volume: Angels: the Book. I am trying to complete work on Part 1, the Preface (a Primer on Angels), and Part 2, Angels in the Old Testament. Just this week I received two illuminations from books produced at the Reichenau Monastery, Reichenau, Germany, around 1000 A.D. during the reign of Holy Roman Emperor Otto III and another from a volume produced at Cologne/Aachen in the same time frame. I also posted a spectacular image of mosaic created during the reign of Charlemagne in the 1st Qtr., 10th C.

As always, thank you for your interest and support. Glory be to God for all things! Amen!

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Fr. Shibley is a retired Anglican clergyman who produces unique videos, podcasts and books explaining traditional Christian theology from an Anglican perspective. All materials are in layman's language with a minimum of technical or theological terms. All are available either free or at reasonable cost. The AIC Bookstore now includes 17 publications.

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