Advent – Episode Two

Add. 42497
4th Quarter 12th C. frieze on parchment of Jesus meeting John the Baptist and a group of John’s followers.  Source: Additional MSS 42497, British Library, London, England.  

This week I got back in the swing of things.  First, I uploaded Episode Two in Advent: a Season of Penitence & Preparation.  Episode Two is the final episode in this Seasonal Video series and it brings me closer to achieving my post-retirement objective of a teaching video for every season on the Anglican Church Calendar.

Episode Two is focused on the Third Sunday in Advent, Fourth Sunday in Advent, and other traditions of Advent, including the Great “O” Antiphons for the final seven days in Advent and Lessons and Carols for Christmas Eve.  The illustration at left is one of nine scenes in the life of John the Baptist, five on the front side and four on the back.  Another scene from the same source included in Episode Two depicts St. John the Baptist baptizing a man in a wooden tub.

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The final missing piece in the AIC Seasonal Video series, Christmas: The Nativity of Our Lord, is also nearing completion.  The script and slides are complete, awaiting  its soundtrack and final video editing.  I hope to finish both episodes in September or early October.  The series will be available in two episodes, each with historic art, much of which viewers may not have seen before.  Episode One will cover the evolution of the Christmas tradition in the Western Church, Anglican traditions of Christmas, the two Collect, Epistle and Gospel readings for Christmas Day, plus the changes made for Morning and Evening Prayer and the Proper Preface for the Octave of Christmas.  Episode Two will cover the First Sunday after Christmas Day, Second Sunday after Christmas Day and include discussion of the Twelve Days of Christmas tradition and information on the fourteen hymns or carols of Christmas in the St. Chrysostom Hymnal that are either not found in the venerable 1940 Hymnal or are arranged to different tunes.  The Twelve Days of Christmas video series, with one episode for each day of the twelve days from Dec. 25th through Jan. 5th, will be reissued with new content and many new illustrations in December 2018 A.D.  The changes will make the Twelve Days program consistent with the style and content of all the other Seasonal Video series.  Episodes are, or will be, linked from the Digital Library page (with Podcasts linked from the Podcast Archive page).

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May God bless you in all that you do in His Name.  Amen.  Glory be to God of all things! Amen!

Trinitytide-2018-Episode Nine

Feeding the 5000-loaves-fishes-Tissot-300dpi-Detail1
The Feeding of the 5,000 – a detail from a watercolor by James Tissot, painted between 1886 and 1894 A.D. as part of his Life of Christ series.  From the collection of the Brooklyn Museum.

The final episode in our Seasonal Video series, Trinitytide: The Teaching Season, is now available in video and podcast versions.  Episode Nine is focused on the Collect, Epistle and Gospel readings for Twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity and Sunday Next before Advent, plus discussion of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer‘s complex rules for transferring surplus Sundays from Epiphany Season for years with 26 or 27 Sundays after Trinity.   I hope I have succeeded in explaining in layman’s terms the system which insures that Sunday Next before Advent, called Twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity until the 1892 Book of Common Prayer, will always end up as the final Sunday in Trinity season, no matter how many or how few Sundays there are “After Trinity.”

Watch the Video of Episode Nine       Listen to the Podcast of Episode Nine

Many changes have been made in the details of the format of the Seasonal Video series since I started them in 2011 A.D.  I’ve incorporated more historic art – our archive now includes about 800 images – and also added slides which explain “Other AIC Resources” containing information on the same topics and readings within a given episode.  I am pleased to let you know that the change has resulted in greater sales of AIC Bookstore Publications, including both paperback and Kindle editions.   100% of all book royalties are contributed to the AIC ministry on a monthly basis as they are received.   This income helps offset the cost of annual fees for our various web presences, including WordPress, where this Blog is hosted and which expects to be paid the next 12-month fee in August.

When I started doing the Seasonal Videos after my retirement from pulpit ministry, my intention was to offer programs on all the seasons in the Church Year.  The first series, focused on Epiphany, was incomplete.   It was edited and re-released in a full length version in time for Epiphany Season earlier in 2018 A.D.  I chose to focus on getting the AIC Bookstore Publications edited and ready for uploading instead of launching new programs.

Earlier in 2018 A.D. I produced series for the Gesima Sundays (pre-Lent) and the seasons of Lent and Easter and an updated version of In the Cross of Christ I Glory for Good Friday.  With the completion of the Trinitytide series, only Advent and Christmas remain without a teaching video/podcast series.    These last two series (Advent in two episodes; Christmas in one episode) are on schedule for release later in the year.  I anticipate releasing Advent: A Season of Penitence and Preparation in mid-September and early October.   I also plan to produce updated versions of the Great “O” Antiphons and The Twelve Days of Christmas series, with updated graphics.  Changes to the Great “O” Antiphons depend upon finding enough volunteers to speak the Voice and Response lines.

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Glory be to God for all things!  Amen!


Twelve Days of Christmas – 12th Day – Jan. 5th – Grace & Faith

TwelveDays-Slide159On this the 12th and final day of the Twelve Days of Christmas, Jan. 5th, the key words are GRACE & FAITH.   The music is Hark! The Herald Angels Sing by Charles Wesley (1789 A.D.), played to the tune Mendelssohn.

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Thanks to all who have followed the series this year.  If you missed an episode, you can use the episode links on the Digital Library page under the heading Seasonal Videos.  For the Podcast versions, there are episode links on the Podcast Archive page.

The AIC has planned a full array of new material for A.D. 2018, starting with an updated version of the Epiphany: the Manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles series first published in A.D. 2015.  There will be a blog posting tomorrow morning with information about the revised and expanded version.   Also in the works are companion video series for “Gesima,” Lent, Easter and Trinity seasons.  Each will provide a summary history of the season and discussion of how the season is celebrated in Anglican worship.  Two additional episodes in The War on Christianity series are almost ready for release later in January, both are focused on the Morning Prayer canticle Te Deum Laudamus as a First Line of Defense for Christians the secular world’s on-going War on Christianity.

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Twelve Days of Christmas – 11th Day – Jan. 4th – Glorifying God

TwelveDays-Slide147On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Jan, 4th, the key words are Glorifying God.  The music for this episode in the AIC Video  series, The Twelve Days of Christmas, is Good Christian Men, Rejoice, using John Mason Neal’s 1853 translation from the Latin carol, In Dulci Jubilo.  It’s an arrangement frequently used in the background for street singers  in movies, television and videos on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Watch the Video.   Listen to the Podcast.

Tomorrow, Jan. 5th, the 12th and last of the Twelve Days of Christmas, the key words are Grace and Faith.

I’m currently trying to finish a 2018 A.D. update of the AIC’s teaching video for Epiphany season, in hopes of completing and uploading it before Epiphany, Jan. 6th.   The updated version will feature some new illustrations and a reorganization of the content.   The series will be followed by a series each on the “Gesima” season, Lent and Easter.

Twelve Days of Christmas – 10th Day – Jan 3rd – COMMANDMENTS

TwelveDays-Slide134In the AIC Seasonal Video presentation, The Twelve Days of Christmas, the episode for the Tenth Day of ChristmasJan. 3rd – the key word is COMMANDMENTS.  The musical theme is a horn arrangement of God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen.

Watch the Video.   Listen to the Podcast version,

This episode and episodes of all our other Seasonal, Bible Study, and Christian Education videos are linked from the Digital Library page of this Web Site (with Podcast versions linked from the Podcast Archive page).  We welcome interest from Christians of all denominations who desire a return to the traditional teachings of the Church Universal.  Each program is presented in modern English with a minimum of technical language and richly illustrated with Christian art from both the Western and Eastern Christian traditions.

Tomorrow, Jan. 4th, the Eleventh Day of Christmas, the key words are Glorifying God with examples from Anglican worship using the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.

May the Lord bless you and keep you in all that you do in His Name.  Amen!

Twelve Days of Christmas – 9th Day – Jan. 2nd – Angels

TwelveDays-Slide117Here we are just after the start of a New Year A.D. 2018, when the secular world is ready to turn to commerce and politics, but it’s still one of the Twelve Days of Christmas.  For Jan 2nd, the Ninth Day of Christmas, the key word is ANGELS.   The opening music for today’s video is — surprise, surprise! — Angels We Have Heard on High, with kudos to Edward Shippen Barnes for his pre-WWII arrangement of an old English Carol.  The episode is filled with examples of Angels in Scripture and tradition.

Watch the Video.   Listen to the Podcast version.

Tomorrow, the 10th Day of Christmas, the key word is COMMANDMENTS.

Twelve Days of Christmas – 7th Day – Dec. 31st – FAMILY

TwelveDays-Slide87On this the Seventh Day of Christmas, Dec. 31st, the theological key word is FAMILY.  The theme music for today is Away in a Manger, attributed to James Murray (1887 A.D.).   In this video, I demonstrate the meaning of the word based on Scripture from both the Old and New Testament and illustrated with paintings, icons, mosaics, photographs and stained glass windows from the 6th through the 20th Century.

Watch the Video.   Listen to the Podcast version.

For tomorrow, Jan. 1st, the Eighth Day of Christmas, the key word is CHURCH.

May God continue to bless you in the coming New Year for all that you do in His Name.  Amen.

Twelve Days of Christmas – 6th Day – Dec. 30th – JOY

TwelveDays-Slide76For this the Sixth Day of Christmas, Dec. 30th, the key theological word is JOY.  Not surprisingly, the opening music is Joy to the World, first published by the prolific hymn-writer Isaac Watts in 1719 A.D. as a song about the Second Coming, in this case played on modern electronic instruments.   Joy to the World is Hymn No. 38 in the St. Chrysostom Hymnal, arranged to the tradition tune, Antioch, from a hymnal published in 1926 A.D.

The Twelve Days of Christmas video series is a celebration of key theological words or phrases, one each for the twelve days beginning on Christmas Day and ending of Epiphany Eve, Jan. 5th.  It has no connection whatsoever with the silly song of the same name.

Watch the Video.    Listen to the Podcast version.

The Key Word for tomorrow, Dec. 31st, is Family.

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Twelve Days of Christmas – Day 5 – Dec. 29th – OBEDIENCE

TwelveDays-Slide54For this the Fifth Day of Christmas, Dec. 29th, the key word is OBEDIENCE.  The musical introduction is Cecil Francis Alexander’s carol for children, Once in Royal David’s City, written in 1848 A.D.  For this video the tune is Unser Herrscher.  Obedience means following the will of God, as both the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph did in the Nativity accounts in the Gospels.

Watch the video.   Listen to the Podcast version.

Tomorrow, Dec. 30th, the Sixth Day of Christmas, the key word is joy.