Revelation – Episode 16

John With Little Book and Rod, Folio 26, Bamberg Apocalypse, Bamberg State Library, Bamberg, Germany
John With Little Book and Rod, Folio 26, Bamberg Apocalypse, Bamberg State Library, Bamberg, Germany

Episode 16 in Revelation: An Idealist Interpretation was uploaded to our You Tube channel yesterday.  The focus of this episode is Chapter 11, The Two Witnesses and the Seventh Trumpet.  In order to include all the verses in a single episode, this one runs longer than the usual AIC Bible Study series guideline, with a 33 minute running time. The episode includes many illustrations, including the title as depicted in the Bamberg Apocalypse, a 6th C. icon of Christ, a 6th C. mosaic of St. Peter, icons of St. Paul, Ezekiel and Zechariah from the 14th-18th Centuries, and an illustration from the late 19th C. book Dore’s English Bible.   Watch Episode 16

Chapter 11 is filled with back references to the Old Testament, since the Two Witnesses are also called Prophets, and also has New Testament precedents in the work of St. Paul and St. Peter as well as John himself.   The chapter includes the “Turning Point” verse (15), before which everything is prelude and preparation, after which the rest of the book is focused on Judgment.

Among the most interesting topics is the “breath of life from God,” (Rev. 11:11, 12) which I connect backwards to the Dry Bones prophecy of Ezekiel 37:1-6 and forward to Jesus’ post-Resurrection dialogue with Disciples in the Upper Room in John 20:21, 22.  One of the major underlying themes is that after the Turning Point the “mysteries” of God are over and all will be revealed in the Judgment.  The chapter includes one of the rare New Testament references to God by His title, Lord God Almighty (Hebrew: El Shaddai; Greek: Pantokrator).

I have completed the slides and script for Episode Seventeen (Chapter 12, The Woman, the Child, and the Dragon) which will be released either next week or the week after, and am nearly finished with Episode Eighteen (Chapter 13, The Beast with the Blasphemous Name).  Owing to the demands of my occupation, including client reviews in Richmond and out-of-town, I was not able to record the Podcast Homily for Trinity Eight before posting this blog entry.  The Podcast will be recorded and uploaded to the AIC Podbean site and the AIC web site later today.

As always, thank you for your interest in this Internet-based ministry.  It is entirely supported by direct contributions and the royalties from the sale of AIC Bookstore publications.  Visit my Amazon author page for pricing and ordering

Glory be to God for all things!  Amen!

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