Lives of the Saints – Episode 15 – St. Luke

I guess we all have weeks when we feel like we actually got something accomplished, vs. feeling as though we are going in circles (or as we were taught to say in the Corps of Cadets: around and around at ever-increasing speeds in ever-decreasing circles until… I leave you to guess the rest).  This week was one of the former not of the latter type with several major accomplishments (not all of which were actually accomplished this week.  Many have now come to fruition following sporadic efforts during late Winter and early Spring:

Luke-Russian Orthodox-18th CEpisode Fifteen, the next-to-last episode in the First Series (the 1928 B.C.P. Saints) of the Lives of the Saints was recorded, edited and readied for upload to our You Tube channel.    I hope readers will enjoy learning about St. Luke’s accomplishments as an icon artist and the information about his remains, including recent discoveries.  The theme icon is a Cretan-style Russian Orthodox image painted in 1657 A.D. by the celebrated artist Emmanuel Tzanes, depicting Luke in the traditional manner with the image of an Ox, inspired by Revelation 4:& and Ezekiel 1:5-21.  The remaining episode has been recorded but not edited.    Watch the Video    Listen to the Podcast version

  • Our newest book, Revelation: An Idealist Interpretation, was completed and uploaded for review at our publishing vendor.  The review process takes several days, but I am hopeful the book can be ready in the next ten days.  After the paperback version is complete, I will submit the book for conversion into a Kindle edition.  That process will take another week to ten days (at least).
  • The remaining nine books available through our Virtual Bookstore at have been modified, each with revised cross-references to all the other books.  In the case of Fr. Ron’s Kitchen Companion and Christian Spirituality: An Anglican Perspective, new content has been added.  The Cookbook has many new recipes, revisions to old recipes, and a revised and improved Guide to Sources and Recipe Index with larger type.  Christian Spirituality has a whole new section, a Primer on how to use the electronic resources available through the various ways the AIC has a presence on the Web.  All ten books will be offered in both paperback and Kindle versions (with Paintings on Light being offered in a Kindle version for the first time).  Several of the books have new covers in which I have used the white on black theme first used in Paintings on Light and new graphics.
  • The much-delayed new video series The Lord’s Prayer: Verse-by-verse is now ready for recording.  There will be two episodes of about 30 minutes each.  I am hopeful of completing the series sometime before early June.  The series was built from the base of a streaming video program first offered in A.D. 2010 and no longer available.
  • I have also begun work on the first two episodes of another new series, The Nicene Creed: Phrase-by-phrase.  This will include images not often seen in the West of Nicea (both historical and recent) and several images of Constantine, both historical and modern.
  • The first two episodes of Lives of the Saints, Second Series, focused on 35 saints without Feast Days in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, from both the Eastern and Western Church traditions, are almost ready for recording.   The first two saints to be honored are Clement of Alexandria and John of Damascus, both celebrated on December 4th.  My friend Richard Irwin, at, has recorded the music to The Day of Resurrection, the most-famous hymn composed by John of Damascus, one of my favorite hymns and one which isn’t performed today as often as it should be.

Picasso in Pink from Proven Winners

On a personal note:   For those of you who are also petunia fans, my summer garden of over twenty varieties of petunias has been installed in pots, many on pedestals which will also them to trailing nearly to the ground.  They will bloom profusely and trail from late Spring through the first frost.   This year about 2/3 of the collection is varieties which do not require dead-heading (being either Supertunias or Surfinia petunias.    The one pictured is Picasso in Pink, available from Proven Winners.  Lowe’s has these this year.    Other spectacular varieties with the same characteristics are (in the Supertunia series) Bermuda Beach, Royal Velvet, Bordeaux, Priscilla, Raspberry Blast, Limoncella.  Another, from the Suntory Surfinia collection, is Sky Blue.  You might also want to consider the new Crazytunia series, especially Knight Rider, Star Jubilee, Stonewashed, Good Night Kisses and, the spectacular pink of Pink Frills.  Happy Gardening!

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