The War on Christianity: Episode Five

I’ve just uploaded Episode Five in The War on Christianity to both our Podbean and YouTube channels.  Episode Five, focused on Asia Minor, completes the three case studies on areas of the world where Christianity has lost its majority status: Holy Land, North Africa and Asia Minor.   I offer Episodes Four and Five as a cautionary tale about overconfidence that the current anti-Christian campaign in Europe can’t lead to long-term consequences, or, in popular language, the idea the “it can’t happen here.”

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Battle of Manzikert-1071-15th CTo Western minds, so filled with confidence that the whole world constantly progresses, this episode demonstrates how three pivotal events which happened up to a millennium ago had consequence that are still being felt in the second decade of the 21st C.  The three events are the Battle of Manzikert in 1071 A.D.; the capture of Constantinople by misguided Crusaders, led astray by the ambitions of the Venetian Republic, in 1204 A.D.; and the Fall of Constantinople in the Spring of 1453 A.D.   The illustration is a 15th C. a miniature of the Battle of Manzikert in the National Library of France.

The first event, which I call the beginning of the end, led inevitably toward  the third and final event, the aftermath of which meant the end of Christianity as a significant force in Asia Minor.  As I show in the text, Christians in Asia Minor are still living with the very real cost of the loss of Constantinople in the 15th C.

In the next episode, Episode Six: The First Line of Defense, I begin a multi-episode discussion of techniques and strategies which any Christian can, and should, employ in their daily lives to protect both themselves and the Church from the anti-Christian ravages of governments, wealthy and powerful individuals and corporations, and other religions determined to eliminate Christian influence in the modern (or no-so-modern after all) world.

In next week’s Blog I hope to have positive news about a new development at the AIC Bookstore.

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Glory be to God for all things! Amen!

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